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A mobile office to enable successful working on the go

Sound familiar? On business trips we need countless electronic devices and all the charging cables and adapters that go with them. No matter how hard we try to keep things in order, in the end the cables all get tangled together and we can never find the device we need. We waste time looking for the right adapter instead of working effectively. These days, more and more people need to have a mobile office with them at all times. If you have the right organiser, there is nothing standing between you and happiness. Your mobile office needs to have space for all your devices, such as laptop, tablet and smartphone, as well as all the associated cables and accessories. There should also be room in your bag or rucksack for writing tools. In addition, the organiser should of course be adequately padded, this offering protection for your sensitive electronic devices. There are now many mobile office options available. How about a combined rucksack and shoulder bag? This gives you flexible options when on the go and allows you to adapt the bag to your individual needs.

Combined rucksack and shoulder bag: a mobile office for working on the go

These days, an increasing number of people are working on the go. They make use of time spent commuting or free time on business trips to get on with work. Usually, this is an organisational nightmare, after all, when we’re working on the go, we still need the same tools that we have access to in the office. In order to be able to work successfully while travelling, we need an all-round organiser that has room for all our devices and tools - and this is exactly what TROIKA's mobile office offers. In addition, sensitive devices need adequate padding to protect them from falls and shocks. The bag or rucksack should also be practically structured so that we can quickly find the device we need and don't waste time looking for it. So ask yourself the following question: is a rucksack or a shoulder bag more practical? You can probably come up with pros and cons for both. There is, however, an innovative solution: how about a combined rucksack and shoulder bag? A combined rucksack/shoulder bag organiser kills two birds with one stone.

The organiser for your mobile office

If you are looking for a mobile office organiser, you will probably be overwhelmed by the wide range on offer. Should you choose a bag or a rucksack? Is the organiser also suitable as a carry-on bag when flying? Is there space for all your devices, charging cables and writing tools? At, we have the perfect solution. In the form of the BAG TO BUSINESS, our designers have created a star organiser in the field of mobile offices. This practical gadget is a rucksack and shoulder bag combined in one. A total of eleven padded compartments offer plenty of space for your mobile office. Your laptop and tablet are easily accommodated and can be safely transported even when travelling. The padded compartments also offer space for all your charging cables, accessories and writing tools. Thus, you have the perfectly equipped mobile office and can work effectively and in an organised manner, even when on the go. The elegant design and refined materials are also ideal for your mobile office. This organiser always looks good and keeps your things in order even when travelling.

A high quality product with many innovative features

If you’re going to be able to work successfully on the go, you need all your devices and tools in the right place. Misplaced devices and knotted cables waste valuable time and quickly become annoying. The BAG TO BUSINESS mobile office offers a rucksack and shoulder bag combined in one, so you can always adapt this superior organiser to your individual needs. The shoulder bag can be turned into a rucksack in seconds and can be easily carried on your back. You can also easily attach the organiser to your suitcase with a loop and turn the BAG TO BUSINESS into a carry-on bag. So you can keep your mobile office close at hand even when flying. If you travel a lot and don’t want to compromise on comfort and convenience, a high quality organiser is essential. When choosing your organiser, make sure it has plenty of storage space for all your devices. You’ll find that a mobile office needs more storage space than you think. With a rucksack and shoulder bag combined in one, you can work in a relaxed, effective manner even while travelling. A well-structured mobile office saves you time and annoyance because you always know where to find the device or cable you’re looking for.

Further questions? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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