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🌿 The Eco scene is booming!

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♻️ The trend for sustainability: why the eco scene is experiencing an upswing

The topic of sustainability is currently on everyone's lips. Cutting down on food waste, renouncing air travel or avoiding single-use plastic: you have probably already come across all of these topics. But why are people suddenly interested in sustainability again? For years we took long-haul holiday flights, used plastic bags for shopping and bought our cosmetics in plastic bottles without thinking twice. But recently, especially thanks to climate activists, people have become increasingly conscious of our contamination and destruction of nature.
The news is dominated by images of polluted oceans and animals dying in agony after ingesting plastic waste. Did you know, for example, that in 2019 we threw away 3,700 plastic bags every minute? Or that around
10 million tonnes of plastic waste flood the world's oceans every year? This has led many people to rethink. We are paying more attention to what we consume and how we can make our everyday lives more sustainable. What for the past few years many people labelled as “eco trends” are experiencing a real boom today.

We don’t throw out damaged fruit and vegetables, food is sold unpackaged, and when it comes to cosmetics, we
are using more and more sustainable packaging and natural ingredients.


How to incorporate the trend for ustainability into your everyday life.

Do you want to live more sustainably? No problem! Even small changes can make a big difference. Pay attention to which of your everyday habits are not particularly good for the environment. Just going to the supermarket can open your eyes. Why is 63% of all fruit and vegetables grown in nature wrapped in plastic packaging to be sold? This packaging alone has produced 53,500 tonnes of plastic waste and 34,000 tonnes of paper waste. Why do cosmetic products have to contain chemical additives that end up in the groundwater? One of the latest eco trends, for example, is to produce as little plastic waste as possible. Have you taken a look at your own rubbish? It seems almost impossible to shop without plastic.

However here, too, small changes can make a difference. Have you wondered why “reuse and refill” shops are currently opening on every corner? Take a look inside! These shops sell everything you require for your daily needs and with zero packaging waste. There are countless ways to incorporate the trend for sustainability into your everyday life, starting with wooden toothbrushes and taking in everything from clothes made from sustainable materials to climate-neutral parcel deliveries.


Even small changes can make a difference.

Do you also feel like the trend towards sustainability is lurking around every corner? Your coffee on the way to work is Fairtrade and is served in a sustainable,reusable cup. But it all makes sense. Eco trends are currently gaining ground andare no longer limited to certain industries. We are repeatedly being made aware of the way humans are destroying the environment. The trend towards sustainability has had a particular impact when it comes to travelling. Flying to distant countries several times a year without worrying about CO2 emissions. A flight from Frankfurt to the Dominican Republic emits more than double the "environmentally friendly" per capita CO2 consumption of three tonnes per year. So why get on a plane when there is so much to
see nearby? “Staycations” are currently very much in vogue. The sea, beautiful mountain landscapes and exciting cities: if we’re being honest we have everything we need right here. Discover a whole new side of your own country. There are also wonderful opportunities to travel sustainably within Europe. Why not rent a caravan and go exploring? Or book an Interrail ticket and travel to neighbouring countries in comfort.

You don't need to take a long-haul flight to enjoy a relaxing holiday. There are wonderful things waiting to be discovered in your own country and the surrounding area. What are you waiting for?

Eco trends are advancing in all industries

The trend for sustainability is no longer limited to certain industries. Supermarkets are offering an increasing number of regional products and sustainably packaged food. When it comes to deliveries, shipping giants are focusing on the trend towards sustainability and how to make their shipments climate-neutral. Travel agencies
are offering a growing number of sustainable holidays, and the clothing industry is also increasingly relying on sustainable materials. Eco trends are also having an impact on our leisure activities. More and more people are experimenting with growing their own fruit and vegetables. Instead of driving to the bakery, why not take your bike? Or, even simpler: if everyone were to limit their speed on the motorway to 120 km/hr, we would save
2.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. As you can see, even by making small changes you can do your bit for the environment.

Enjoy the beauty of nature, the chirping of birds and the variety of plants. It would be a shame if all ofthis were tarnished.


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